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May the best win! 09/03/2011

I give you the choice... What's I'll make like script after I'll finish my woodcutting script?

-In green, I make it
-In blue, it's done.
-In yellow, I can make it.
-In red, I'm not suffisently good in scripting or I don't know how to make them.

1. Cheat code script!

2. Update my...

by NuKa_BuBble - Comments: 4 - Views: 821

If you had? 06/08/2011

This game is all about something that you had that is unusual. You can talk about anything weird, but you must put if you had at first. I hope we all have fun playing and lets get started!

If you had an extra hand, where would it be?

by snowghost20 - Comments: 17 - Views: 957

Cartoon Overanalysis (Theories) 07/10/2011


Some interesting theories...
I found this very interesting... Feel free to post your own or ones you have found on this thread. I found this on my bboy forum so I don't know its origin, don't bag me for copying and pasting. It's a long read but definitely worth it.

Have you ever noticed that the pacing, tone and story development of Pokemon changes after Ash is hit by lightning in the early episodes, how Ash and his world were relatively normal until after the incident?

I have a theory.

The accident with the bike put Ash into a coma. Days later he was found and was hurried to the hospital...

by Baller - Comments: 3 - Views: 6911

Would you rather...? 03/14/2010

Hi all!
Simply answer the previous persons "Would you rather...?" question then ask your own!

I'll start!

Would you rather go to triple maths or spoon your eye out?

by BluE - Comments: 181 - Views: 4103

First word you think off 02/02/2010

This a game where you post one word, the first word, that pops into your head by reading the person's above you post.

"keep it clean" Very Happy

I'll start:


by mr_wiggles - Comments: 990 - Views: 10002

The Greatest Story EVER!!! 12/23/2009

Each post adds 3 new words to the story the 100th post ends the story with as many words as you wish!!

Story So Far:

There once was a guy who was not gay who would walk down the street to lick men and make faces at the children. Then would travel in the sewers on a camel to visit the fairy god mother that has AIDS. She would give cooties to athletes Who deserved it, but only if they were gay with each other and the muppets. Who were lost with some pandas they made panda muppets and partied happily. They went on and on, then only to encounter evil red pandas! That could only...

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 280 - Views: 6366

Naruto Spam 02/01/2010

Post a pic of anything Naruto, I don't care, let's ee how many pages we can fill up... :]

by BluE - Comments: 109 - Views: 9999

==Ask Blue== 02/04/2010

Ask me anything and I'll give you an answer, either Blue style or Ninja style, please specify. eg. How is your day? (Blue)

by BluE - Comments: 56 - Views: 2250

Count to 0 02/04/2010

This is a simple game where all you do is count up DOWN!


  1. No double posting
  2. your post can only have one counting number in it
  3. you can use pictures but they must have the number in them somewhere.

Let the counting begin!


by mr_wiggles - Comments: 990 - Views: 9999
recently (well, today actually) I've gone a bit into a GIF. making craze. This is a game to:
A. Test my abilities
B. test your imagination

this is the

Animated Action Adventure

How to Play:
You continue the story that I am about to start. As you add onto the story, I will update this post with animations of what you said.

Rules: Only on sentence. Can only post...

by BluE - Comments: 38 - Views: 1343

Haiku Spam 02/09/2010


by BluE - Comments: 11 - Views: 812

Ipod salesman challenge 07/12/2010


In this game four people will need to nominate themselves to be a salesman selling ipods (latest generation) to members of the forum. The four types are;

Ipod Classic
Ipod Nano - taken by Ken
Ipod Touch - taken by Daf
Ipod Shuffle - taken by Kira

To nominate your self just say something like "I'm doing the Ipod Nano!". First come first served. The salesmen (nominated people) will then need to write a review of at least 250 words that encourages members to buy their ipod. They will then send me their extremely biased reviews...

by BluE - Comments: 10 - Views: 1260
Will this hurt my chances of being a psychiatrist in the future? Seriously.


by KenizzyNY - Comments: 11 - Views: 1351

HAPPY PIX! 02/01/2010

post pix that make you happy... who knows it may make someone
Else's day ^,^

Swoop sent the link and then Blue had to post this pic in the CHATBOX,
and then it made my rough day.

UP was a goody! Wouldn't that be funny if one of us here
really looked like that kid. ^,^

 PLAY ALONG! 1gack_10

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 40 - Views: 3011

Dog-gone-it! 01/03/2010

@Gemini - you knew this was coming ^,^

 PLAY ALONG! Funny-10

 PLAY ALONG! Funny-11

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 32 - Views: 1276

Favorite Easter Candy 04/04/2010

Mine's the Gertrude Hawk Ice Cream Cones with 55 calories PER CONE you will get fat fast lol


edit: also each cone is the size of my thumb nail

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 6 - Views: 956

Junk Art! ^^ 08/02/2010

Hey guys I found this art and thought why not have a thread with cool junk creations, everyone start posting up their junk.....I mean some art! ^,^ Very Happy

 PLAY ALONG! 7-foot-tall-optimus-prime-junk-sculpture

by GeMinEye - Comments: 5 - Views: 3304

Take over the world!  06/30/2010

Okay, so here is a game.

Pick a country. You have to try and take over the world. But how? Who would you attack first? Why? Who are your allies? Who are your enemies? You can use 2 A-Bombs max. Other then that, feel free to use what you want. (Poison gas, infectious disease, etc) Must be atleast 2 paragraphs long (5-6 sentences each.) If you want, we can make this into a one-way game where you can pick a country and I'll prove a story and we can base the game off of the story.

I'll start:

I will be Antarctica. Antarctica is a good defense...

by MotionM - Comments: 16 - Views: 1068

CAT-tastrophes! 12/13/2009

On this thread post pics of cats like this. Very Happy

 PLAY ALONG! Goforthmylitt128586237979660436Very Happy

by GeMinEye - Comments: 56 - Views: 4167

GOT BAD JOBS? 02/02/2010

We all have to work to make a living
but some jobs are just inhumane!

 PLAY ALONG! Worstj10

this job stinks... literally!

 PLAY ALONG! Unset14

just to change a light bulb?

by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 27 - Views: 3520

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