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I would like to make a special dedication to the members of this site who always seems to keep the fire burning when the flames are low, this one is for you +

*make a badge+avatar=GAME-FACE ~> GAME-FACE GENERATOR


ICONS: (from left to right)
KIND = your gender and skin color
COUNTRY = your current location
TRADITION = your ethnicity, family culture
FORTE = your strength, talent, skill, or preferred trade
DEVICE = your choice of hardware
SYSTEM = your choice of operating system
BROWSER = your way of connecting with the world
PROGRAM = your choice of software


I've seen a lot of awesome avatar generators out there, most of them made with flash, a few using the canvas of HTML5, and then I started to get that inspiration bug to make one for this site thinking... hey I could make one of those using good old HTML and CSS Idea 

So I basically made a div, gave it an id and a class, set a few classes to have a certain background image in the CSS, then created links to get the element by id and then change the class +

Now I have a div in which the background image changes depending on the link that is clicked!

So after that I made another div with a higher z-index to layer over the first div and now I got two working layers to make a GAME-FACE + but wait!

Then I realized, you just can't right-click to save the images so I had to look into using the HTML5 canvas to make that happen. After a little research, I found a way to have onClick links that will draw the image to the canvas in which the canvas makes it possible to right-click and save as a .png +

With tons of icons that i have spent hours to make for our profiles, suddenly found another use +
more and more graphics to make for the game and the face, it's obvious that this will be a never ending project.
I really do look forward to what it will become in the future ^,^

GFG update 8/9/2013

Should any of you members have any thoughts or requests about the GAME-FACE GENERATOR, just let me know  +
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i47rig99qhrvn8s/4m5HvsM2fD http://g4m3f4c3.deviantart.com https://www.facebook.com//pages/Gameface101/332331300127008 https://twitter.com//mr_gameface101 https://soundcloud.com/schurr https://www.youtube.com/user/MrGameface101?feature=watch
Onesimus Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 2/8/2013, 8:21 am
Nice, a RGB colour wheel be awesome, that way the different faces and games can be variations of the style and the user can customise the colour to their need, however I'm not sure how hard that would be to make. Keep up the great work Gameface, always great to see you start new projects!
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 2/8/2013, 4:10 pm
muahahaha ~ I figured out how to use the HTML5 canvas so you can right click and save the image after choosing which game and which face + check it out! ^O.P.

with the original divs, you couldn't save the image after making your selection, I still have a long ways to go but the foundation is now solid.
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 4:05 am
I am on a roll with this avatar + badge = GAME-FACE GENERATOR +

added top 20 countries (just ask if you want yours)

added main systems and browsers

and will continue to add devices, consoles, color, game type, etc...

as for the "GAME-FACE" feel free to send me graphics

they are 100 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall, icons are 24x24

edit: original post updated
Onesimus Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 8:42 am

My take on the 'GameFace' Avatar Idea Smile
swoop Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 3:45 pm
ooo very nice bro!..

imma make one :)ive always had an idea of what i wanted one to be!

*****CONTEST***** starting now..

= Best Avatar Idea  wins a 10$ League of Legends Game Card!! Smile

me and GameFace will vote on it,  

Entries due Sept.1st!!

let the entries begin

( all entries must be original, not using the gamefaceavatar generator! )

general concept must be the same tho..

if i missed anything ill edit this post later Smile
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 6:43 pm
you mean a CONTEST!? Razz

I'm just about to go on a vacation and I read this +

yes, it would nice to see what all of you can collect and create for the GAME-FACE GENERATOR

So to make things easier for the both of us, here's the templates for the resources.


If you make any icons, make them 24x24pixels with a one pixel white frame with 1 black pixel in the corner or you can use this Razz


This is the part that makes up for the eyes and should be game related...preferably a game controller or any interface that controls the game

the graphics are 200 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall


Any familiar face that can still be recognized with the top half missing +

Easy enough? You don't ~have to make new graphics, just collect ones that will compliment the generator even more and make you a winner.

Ok, here's the template for both the GAME and the FACE


good luck and have fun with it ^,^

edit: @1z - your avatar game me the idea to have 2 flags, 1 for the country you live in and 1 that reflects your ethic nationality = tradition +
mindreader Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 7:44 pm
a brain, can we get a brain for the top part?
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 10:33 pm
^how about a purple one? Razz

ok no more requests until after the contest! Cool

mindreader Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 3/8/2013, 10:53 pm
purple? you totally read my mind c:

sporting my new avatar, thanks!
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 9/8/2013, 6:37 pm
while I was on vacation, I would bust out my little netbook when everyone was sleeping so I could work on the generator. If you haven't seen the generator since last week, check out the latest developments +

I was going to do another row of 8 icons on the bottom, but GeMinEye said that would be too much, Since I'm known for overdoing it, took his advice and made the space below the FACE the new "TITLE" field instead.

I'll continue to add '-ER' titles, '-ER' as in Mapper, Scripter, Eventer, etc... if there's any titles that come to mind, let me know, they are easy enough to make.

The 8 icons on top, now go as so...

ICONS: (from left to right)
KIND = your gender and skin color
COUNTRY = your current location
TRADITION = your ethnicity, family culture
FORTE = your strength, talent, skill, or preferred trade
DEVICE = your choice of hardware
SYSTEM = your choice of operating system
BROWSER = your way of connecting with the world
PROGRAM = your choice of software

more GAMES will be added (the top half)
more FACES have been added (the bottom half) *added minecraft default for some of you who play mindcrap :Op

both are now selectable through touch sliders to minimize the page size +

the structure of the GAME-FACE GENERATOR is pretty much solid,
it's really down to adding more and more resources.

**Should there be anything any of you would like to have that is missing such as country flag, program, forte, just request it here.**

In time, I will disable right-click and make it so that you can upload your own graphic, choose your own colors, and click a button to download your new Avatar+Badge=GAME-FACE.

as a reminder for some you who play League of Legends... brother swoop has put out a contest for $10 worth of RP for the best GAME-FACE concept, read above for more info.

G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 11/8/2013, 3:39 am
YES! progress has been GOOD! +

I was able to make the generator even more customizable Cool

You are able to upload your own graphics for the icon fields +

You may also upload a graphic to be used as an AVATAR + (instead of making a GAME+FACE)

AND you can customize your very own TITLE +

I'm still working on rewriting the completed canvas to an image you can download, once that's done, it's all about adding more and more resources.

Going to update the original post and put out a global announcement for swoop's GAME+FACE contest and sweeten the prize ^,^
G@MeF@Ce Re: GAME-FACE-GENERATOR on 24/1/2014, 11:54 pm
as I'm getting more savvy with HTML5, I have made some improvements to the on-site makers +

The once known "Gameface-Generator" has been split into two pages that will help make your online identity a snap!

The new GamefaceFramer does just that, it creates a profile frame around your Gamefacez or avatars
name/title/icons for preference and character so that other will know you and what you're about at a glance *,*

here's the latest development on the framer => -framer" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">gameface


the new layout:
that's 12 icon fields to express your preference, favorites, skills, location,culture, etc... remember you can create and upload your own icons + http://gameface101.playogame.com/h8-g101-icon-maker

The good old Gameface-Generator will slowly become an avatar generator with a random button to create avatars for those who don't have the time to make one with the GamefaceMaker

hopefully all of this makes sense, can't wait to see more and more use this to reflect who they are online +
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