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Funny pics 10/28/2009

This thread is only for putting funny pics. such as this one, if you see a funny pic please post it. You can talk about it, whatever you want.
 PLAY ALONG! Farside_-_Dogs_Eat_Homework

by GeMinEye - Comments: 64 - Views: 4204
Ok it goes like this. One person corrupts the previous wish and then they make a wish for the next post to corrupt. it goes on like that. I will show an example.

1st post says "I wish I had a flashlight"

2nd post says "You have a flashlight but its solar powered. I wish I had a milion dollars"

3rd post says "You have a million dollars.. in monopoly money. I wish I could fly"

Now I will make a wish

I wish I had a new computer.

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 460 - Views: 9999

YO MAMA! 06/19/2010

Lets go start this game up! Does everyone know how to make yo mama jokes? (hoping everyone's good with it) just call people out like this... (remember, this is all jokes. Smile )

To: ken

Yo mama is so dumb that she went to the public library and asked where is facebook
(lol) Laughing

by snowghost20 - Comments: 77 - Views: 4452

Intresting Facts 05/01/2011

Just post an interesting fact about yourself.

I'll start...

I never passed algebra class. :p

by mr_wiggles - Comments: 116 - Views: 6881

Seems Legit! 08/25/2012

Hey everyone, just bringing another fun play along where you post pics that you think heh well Seem Legit! Good Luck have fun! Here I will start panda

 PLAY ALONG! 9f60ab2b55468f104055b16df8f69e81

by GeMinEye - Comments: 4 - Views: 1669
I'll start

"I f*cked your mother, sister, and father. Now they have AIDS and are dying a slow painful death... now go ahead kill me... kill me knowing u got AIDS from your sister who got it from me"

by KenizzyNY - Comments: 30 - Views: 9558
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The Apple Tree Competition 03/18/2012


A place for epiphanies and enlightenment!
To All members of the underground!
I would like to hold an official competition between the members of Gameface101.
On this thread every week I will post a general logic/ knowledge question.
For one week all participants will have a chance to discus and argue their opinions bellow.
Once you have made up you'r mind post "ANSWER: 'place final answer here.'" (please be specific)
The people with the correct answer will receive credit. For actively discussing you will also receive credit. You could always use Google but that...

by Onesimus - Comments: 75 - Views: 3974

.What's your Quote. 05/14/2012


I have decided we should place our favourite quotes here.
Ill start!

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
-Emo Phillips

by Onesimus - Comments: 15 - Views: 1180

Ban the person above you! 04/18/2012

Hello guys just a nice play along where you make a statement trying to ban the person about you. For example:

Dude #1: Hello everyone. Very Happy

Dude #2: Your banned because you were the first to post. ^,^

Dude #3: ^ You are banned for banning him!

Good luck! Razz

by GeMinEye - Comments: 57 - Views: 2988

What's your favorite...? 02/27/2010

Simply answer the question the person above you asked and ask your own "what's your favorite...?" question.

I'll start;

What's your favorite computer brand?

by BluE - Comments: 147 - Views: 4183

Does anyone... ? 05/03/2012


This topic is used to ask if anyone does or do something that you want to know.
This topic is used to ask if anyone does or do something that you want to know. For example someone might ask "Does anyone play polo" or "Does anyone play (a certain game)" the point of this topic is so that everyone can ask if they have anything in common with anyone else beside the obvious like making or designing games.
Also this will hopefully save space when people ask Q's. Smile

by BliZZvET - Comments: 5 - Views: 783

RPGXP Original Game contest 04/04/2012

This is a community game in which anyone who wants to participate will have 1 week to make a game and they will be judged. I don't currently have any prizes but I think it will help raise the community better.

In order for this contest to work I will need the names of anyone who wants to participate and anyone who wants to judge (2-3 people). After I get the names then I will set a date (Proabably April 9th-16th)

Rules: Be original. You can use an ABS and others artwork but the story must be original.
You can make a movie, music video, RPG, or even a side-scroller.

by MotionM - Comments: 18 - Views: 1309

Something we can all do? 03/24/2012

Was thinking for a way to keep everyone active.
Not exactly sure what we could do, but it'd be like events and stuff in order to get more people to be active. I'm sure there are rewards the members can give and Gameface can give stuff for the Thunderdome! Ha.
There are the logic events from Onesimus to keep busy, but what about stuff like:

Sprite design, script design and map design.

These would be done weekly and the winner would get a prize. It'll keep on the subject of RPG Maker and allow for members to get medals added to their sidebar.

by MotionM - Comments: 16 - Views: 1069

Got gifs??? 05/27/2011

Hello everyone,

Here are the rules:

there is none, all you have to do is post ".gif" s Laughing

here is a favorite mine Razz

 PLAY ALONG! Stalker_SC2_Head1

Like a Star @ heaven remember to put any funny gifs over here

by GeMinEye - Comments: 10 - Views: 4404

Weird Things 11/14/2009

Things can't be explained when something is weird. Bigfoot is a thing and nobody can explain it, like these.
 PLAY ALONG! Punk-monkey PLAY ALONG! Hybrid-animals-Hybri PLAY ALONG! Jabba-the-Monkey-384 PLAY ALONG! Chupacabra22.jpg-tm

by snowghost20 - Comments: 76 - Views: 9999
Who can get the better Minesweeper time (on beginner)?

looking at best time
 PLAY ALONG! Ssssss10

The time for everyone to beat is 15 seconds set by my friend. "Raevanstark" Razz

some music to listen to while playing minesweeper


by BluE - Comments: 2 - Views: 1939

What's your Gameface? 07/28/2011

Let's see your game face! If you don't have one make one up before someone else claims it. You all know mine







by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 20 - Views: 1392

Have you ever? 10/22/2010


Answer at question then ask the next person. C:

have you ever thrown an ipod to see if it would still work afterwards?

by BluE - Comments: 69 - Views: 1945

"Cyberholes" 08/31/2011

Here's a new play along ^,^

Just simply post a reason (or reasons) why you think people are such "cyberholes" on the internet.

I will start it off:

Reasons why people are rude, hateful, disrespectful, full of attitude, not so helpful, negative...

- To emotionally distract their online opponent.

- Because they get picked on in real life and it's time for payback!

- it's easy to talk tough and hide behind a computer.

- because it can be funny at times since you can almost always get away with it.


by G@MeF@Ce - Comments: 5 - Views: 1002

Chuck Norris 01/11/2010

Every one has heard one of his jokes at least once. Aperantly this has started online when one kid decided to start a list of Chuck Norris facts, it soon caught on and now there are a ton of jokes, books, and some youtube videos.

What i wanna see is the best ones that you can find or even some you have come up with.

to start here is one that i thought was funny:

Teenage mutant turtles was based off a true story, Chuck Norris swallowed a turtle and when it came out it was 6 feet tall and had learned Karita.

Here is one that i found in a youtube comment:

by mr_wiggles - Comments: 57 - Views: 9999

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